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Hie ye to The Castle, a rip-roaring sitcom starring James Fleet (The Vicar Of Dibley), Neil Dudgeon (Life Of Riley), Martha Howe-Douglas (Horrible Histories), & Ingrid Oliver (Watson & Oliver)Lovelorn daughters, paparazzi who work for What Ho Varlet! magazine, designer codpieces, and the invention of central heating: this is medieval England seen from a 21st century comedy perspective.

Thrill! - as brave knight Sir William De Warenne’s dungeon renovation falls foul of the Health & Safety inspectors.

Swoon! - as young Lady Anne tries to lose her cut-glass accent in an attempt to get on The Only Way Is Wessex

Sympathize! - as Lord of the castle, Sir John, hires the latest top-of-the-range horse, but can’t work out what to do with the built-in "ashtrays".

And get out your laughing-spats! - as Bates the new valet arrives hotfoot from Downton Abbey....

This is the complete 4th series of this hugely popular sitcom. In the first episode, Sir John fills his castle with wounded soldiers and De Warenne fills his trousers with ice. Plus a new valet arrives hotfoot from somewhere called Downton Abbey.…

In Episode two we discover that someone - or something - is hacking into peoples’ private conversations and Master Henry could end up in jail. Meanwhile, Lady Anne has taken to nuzzling De Warenne’s trusty War Horse.…

In the next episode, the village of Woodstock receives two mysterious visitors - one deathly pale and one deathly orange.… It’s the love that dare not speak its name and the love that can speak its name but can’t pronounce it properly.

Next, we're all invited to the wedding of the decade - but it's almost ruined by 200 tents and an over-excited woodpecker. Plus Henry, Duncan and De Warenne gatecrash a rather special Hen Night.

The fifth episode brings The Olympics to Woodstock, so what better time for Sir William to go on a go-slow & for Henry to hunt for dragons? Meanwhile, Sir John tries to get fit and Charlotte tries to get into her beach volleyball costume.…

And in the sixth and final episode Anne’s off to Cambridge but Charlotte doesn’t know the meaning of the word "thick". Literally. Is this the end of a beautiful friendship? And what will Sir William De Warenne do?

James Fleet, Neil Dudgeon, Martha Howe-Douglas, Ingrid Oliver
hr min
January 7
BBC Worldwide Limited

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