The Celestial Guardian: Vatican Secret Archive Thrillers, Book 8 (Unabridged) The Celestial Guardian: Vatican Secret Archive Thrillers, Book 8 (Unabridged)

The Celestial Guardian: Vatican Secret Archive Thrillers, Book 8 (Unabridged‪)‬

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Publisher Description

Dive into the heart of Vatican intrigue with The Celestial Guardian, an adrenaline-pumping thriller that masterfully intertwines the shadowy corridors of religious power with the luminous frontiers of scientific discovery. This captivating narrative follows Father Michael Dominic, the esteemed Prefect of the Vatican’s Secret Archives, as he uncovers a remarkable artifact lost to time—Leonardo da Vinci’s most ingenious invention, the Celestial Guardian. Initially heralded as a divine instrument capable of forecasting a catastrophic asteroid bound for Earth, Father Dominic's discovery soon unravels a more ominous reality: the Guardian’s ability to not just predict, but alter celestial events.

As the revelation of its true potential threatens to shake the foundations of faith and science, the narrative propels listeners into a high-stakes race against time. Father Dominic finds himself ensnared in a dangerous web of ambition and power, with factions including a power-hungry Vatican cardinal, vying for control of the Guardian’s world-altering abilities. Set against the backdrop of a Church grappling with transformative doctrines and the scrutiny of the world, Father Dominic must navigate his own inner turmoil while thwarting a global catastrophe.

The Celestial Guardian is a riveting exploration of the delicate balance between belief and science, power and morality. It’s a story that delves deep into the heart of human vulnerability, ambition, and the enduring strength of the human spirit. With a narrative rich in historical enigma, scientific wonder, and human drama, this novel promises to keep listeners on the edge of their seats, questioning where the boundary between miraculous and scientific truly lies. Prepare for a journey that spans the secretive vaults of the Vatican to the cutting edge of astronomy, all woven into a suspense-filled saga that guarantees to captivate from the first minute to the last.

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Will Damron
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April 12
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