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Though the author of this fourteenth century classic remains anonymous, in no way does that diminish the importance of this book. The simple and straightforward style calls us to love God in a deeper manner.

This inspirational title has influenced and directed many Christians throughout the centuries and continues to be a model of contemplative and devotional prayer.

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Religion & Spirituality
Susan Denaker
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September 1
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MedievalMan7000 ,

Shining example of English spirituality

The Cloud of Unknowing is a classic piece of religious text. Not only is it a wonderful example of the mystical spirituality of medieval England, but also it was written to be a practical guide for a young man attempting contemplative prayer for the first time. This is a must-read (or must-listen) for anyone interested in either of those topics.

That being said, the editor made the choice of updating the text's original language from middle English to early modern English, that is the language of Shakespeare, complete with "thees" and "thous" and odd sentence structures. While this choice adds a certain majesty to the reading, it can get distracting. If you recall having difficulty with Shakespeare's language from your high school or college English classes, you may wish to avoid this edition, lest its meaning be obscured by the language. If you're still interested in this book, then the Penguin Classics rendition might be more appropriate as it updates the language to modern English.

Listens to Books ,

Thoughtful and intense

I am not sure what the other reviewer had in mind. This is a classic book, and all the better with the perfect narration. It is an intense book, not for everybody, and one that challenges today's contemporary thinking that we can know all there is to know about God. Contemplative prayer and heartfelt union with God are the primary themes.

 ,


It's sooooo lame!!!!! Do not buy this!!!!!

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