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As a man surveys the countryside for the construction of a reservoir, he comes across a stretch of barren farmland leeched of life. An aged survivor of the town tells him the tale of a rural farmer's family and their path to madness and unspeakable horror.

Lovecraft considered "The Colour Out of Space" to be the best of all his stories. Originally appearing in the September 1927 issue of Amazing Stories, it is one of his most frequently anthologized tales.

Mark Douglas Nelson
hr min
August 1
Wonder Audiobooks LLC

Customer Reviews

Tetsuo: The Iron Geek ,


At some point publishers are going to have to accept that voice actors are glue that hold a good audio book together...or just go out of business. I ABSOLUTELY do not want to waste my time listening to a story read by a synthesized Mac voice. Seriusly, this recording HURTS. DO NOT BUY.

Black-Hand ,


To hear how it's really done, go to the back episodes of ARTC's (Atlanta Theater Radio Company) podcast.
Save yourself pain and don't download this poorly done adaptation.

Ronbo13 ,

I enjoyed it quite a bit

As I write this review, all the others are 1-star. So feel free to take what I say with a grain of salt. But I enjoyed this story quite a bit, and I had no problem with how it was read. There are some readers who go so crazy with tremorous voices perpetually about to crack that I can't get through them. I find myself wishing for the opposite. The inappropriate soundtracks stuck behind so many Lovecraft readings seems grotesque to me. I don't need people to distract me from the power of Lovecraft's words. If you do, then I guess you should stick to some of the other tracks.

One of the readers talked about ARTC's tracks. Those are fun to listen to, but they are radio-drama adaptations of Lovecraft's stories. And "The Colour Out of Space" is not among the stories they've done, so that's bad advice given. "The Colour Out of Space" was a story Lovecraft was particularly proud of, for its atmosphere. It's not among his most action-packed stories. I consider it more to be one of his think-pieces.

A man surveys some secluded countryside for the building of a reservoir, and he comes across a blighted region. The tale he hears is horrifying. Once upon a time, something like a meteor is said to have struck the region--though it can't really have been that, because it seemed to land much too softly. And gradually, people began to notice subtle problems: trees that seemed to sway at night, but not to the wind; color leaching from once-healthy animals; and changes in personality and eventually in sanity of the folks who stayed.

As I say, I found the story fascinating, and I thought the reader did it justice. He reads with emotion, despite what some of the other reviewers said. He doesn't trowel it on, and bury you in excesses. And frankly, I appreciate that. The old AudioRealms people did some nice Lovecraft readings too. I'd recommend them quite highly, and "The Whisperer in Darkness". The ARTC recordings are a lot of fun, but frankly the novelty of a radio-drama wears thin for me after awhile, and I start wishing for the original story. "Unadorned" is not the same thing as "bland".

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