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This book analyzes the rude and critical natures of Aspie and OCPD husbands. It is intended to be a support guide for the nonspectrum and neurotypical partners who marry these men. The book is not intended to be listened to by a person with Asperger's syndrome or OCPD, as it puts names and labels to the abrasive and abusive behaviors that are typical with the brain wiring and genetics at the root of the spectrum disorders.

Many people walk into marriage counseling with the same goal. They are living with people who have critical, negative, and grumpy natures. They feel that they are enslaved by these negative people in their lives. One partner's personal growth is drastically hindered by the other partner's sharp tongue, rude comments, and critical nature.

If you aren't married to one of these types, you have surely met them on the street or at work. They are the people with road rage who cannot control their outbursts. Shaking their fists angrily out the window, they are shouting obscenities as they drive by you. You might even wonder if they have Tourette's syndrome. They are the rude people on the elevator who let the door slam in your face. They are the critical people in the restaurant who are too stingy to leave decent tips.

These people are rigid and inflexible at work. They blatantly refuse to delegate work to others. They are the ones who are vying for promotions without ever doing enough to warrant getting them. They can't participate in the small talk around the office water cooler, but they will complain to anyone who listens about how they were passed up in favor of coworkers. They complain loudly about how their bosses and their teammates must not like them.

Believe it or not, some women are attracted to these abrasive types. You might be one of them. The strong and masculine person you can't live without is sometimes your worst enemy.

Lori L. Parker
hr min
April 5
JB Snow Publishing

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