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The universal symbol of the Christian faith is neither a crib nor a manger, but a gruesome cross. Yet many people are unclear about its meaning, and cannot understand why Christ had to die.

In this magisterial and best-selling book, John Stott explains the significance of Christ's cross and answers the objections commonly brought against biblical teaching on the atonement.

John Stott's modern classic is as sharp and pertinent as ever it was. It combines an excellent biblical exposition and a characteristically thoughtful study of Christian belief, with a searching call to the church to live under the cross.

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December 1
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Customer Reviews

DeniseForbes ,

An absolute must read/listen

So many tangled, knotty doctrines untied using plain language & spiritual common sense. I have been a believer for a few decades; this book answered questions I had not even formulated. Truth so refreshingly profound, and well read, I found joy in every listening session. Strongly recommend this book to believer & unbeliever alike.

dukeherzog07 ,

Absolute Classic

Every Christian should read this book at least twice. The reader is wonderful and makes this classic work come alive. Stott has become one of my favorite Christian writers and this is in my opinion his best work. I recommend you get a print copy of the book as well.

piano_matt ,

Great book!

The book is a great book! A standard listen/read for any young Christian. An indispensable tool for Christian growth. Additionally, a great listen/read for anyone wanting to know more about what Christians believe about Jesus, the Cross, the resurrection, and why it matters. Even if you disagree with Christianity, this book will at least give you an objective, Biblical vantage point with which to look at the faith. In the book itself, Stott gives lots of footnotes for more thorough treatment of certain subjects- many of these footnoted books are now on my shelf.

Any serious student of the Scriptures needs to have this work.

The only problem with this particular audio is that it is significantly more expensive on iTunes than anywhere else.

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