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A hilarious, mega-bestseller from the Emmy-winning, Oscar-hosting, Daily Show-anchoring Jon Stewart that finally answers the question -- what is American democracy?

Jon Stewart, host of the Emmy and Peabody Award-winning The Daily Show, and his coterie of patriots deliver a hilarious look at American government . . . Termed a "political king-maker" by Newsweek, and "the Dan Rather of infotainment" by Vanity Fair, Jon Stewart, along with the writers of The Daily Show, combines his riotous wit and razor-sharp insight in this hilarious book. American-style democracy is the world's most beloved form of government, which explains why so many other nations are eager for us to impose it on them, but what is it exactly?

In America (The Book), Jon Stewart and The Daily Show writing staff offer their insights into our unique system of government, dissecting its institutions, explaining its history and processes, and exploring the reasons why concepts like "One man, one vote," "Government by the people," and "Every vote counts" have become such popular urban myths.

Jon Stewart
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April 1
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Customer Reviews

jwmatthys ,

Very funny and intelligent

Beneath this very funny book (essentially a parody on social studies textbooks) is an intelligent and trenchant critique of American democracy. Some may think it is a liberal rant (in the "bichromatic rainbow that is American political thought") but no one escapes without feeling the heat of his sarcasm. Very, very funny, and probably the most honest civics text I've ever read.

inajeep ,

Worth the listen

I ended up buying the hardback book after listening to the audio book. Having Jon and the others read the stories using their inflections and timing is priceless, however their are little extras that you miss in the audio book. Both the audio and hardback book stand on their own.

tim.bertheau ,

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart

This is a very funny view of a VERY sad condition of the USA. For anyone who loves Bush it is a must! However, I am sure the Bush lovers would not even consider the information presented because they tend to be so closed minded.

Any rate this has plenty or wit and requires a love of history in order to receive the full comedy presented. Jon has a deeper view of history than most high school students and if you do not have a passion for history to put everything in perspective than you may not fully appreciate the content. I recommend this to anyone who is living in the states, most of the rest of the worlds population is already aware of what we in the USA cannot see (you know – cannot see the forest for the trees).

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