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New York Times and USA Today best-selling author Maya Banks continues to thrill fans with her KGI novels. Ex-Navy SEAL Ethan Kelly thought his wife Rachel had died more than a year earlier. But then he receives an anonymous phone call claiming she’s still alive. Now Ethan has to go up against a deadly jungle - and an even deadlier drug cartel - to get her back.

Harry Berkeley
hr min
January 1
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MissMed51 ,

The Darkest Hour by Maya Banks - superb writing love this author and this story.

Ethan Kelly believed his wife had been killed a year earlier.  He's broken by the loss due to his sense of guilt over how they had last parted and subsequent awakening to how much he loved and needed her in his life.  Then suddenly he receives an envelope with information that contains a photo of a woman that looks very much like his late wife.  Could it really be Rachel and if so, how will they find her?

Here's some quotes from Maya Banks' The Darkest Hour from the opening chapter:

"The FedEx package lay to the side,...."

"He dragged out a stack of papers...."

"It was a photo of a woman, obviously a prisoner in some ... jungle camp.  If Ethan had to guess, he'd place odds on South America or maybe Asia...."

"The woman looked remarkably like Rachel.  His wife, Rachel who was dead."

Ethan believes the woman in the photo is his wife so the KGI team are called together to go on a rescue mission to get Rachel back.  It will be a fight like none they've ever done in the past.  Ethan is in a hurry so they go in with limited help but they all believe that the woman, could it really be Rachel, has limited time.

The narrator of the audiobook, Harry Berkley, does an excellent job bringing out the depth of emotions that Ethan is experiencing. Listening, you feel like you're in the jungle fighting for your life. Very well written and produced on the audiobook side.

Maya Banks really gets to the root of the consequences of drug abuse and the many layers that go into making a marriage.  No matter your age or gender this book is written for anyone living the human experience.

I must stress the writing in this book was superb, so much emotional depth was given to the characters I feel like I'd know them if they walked up on the street.  Keep on writing, Maya Banks you have a gift for storytelling few ever master.

Angie4044 ,


The KGI series is amazing but what really makes it even better, is Harry Berkeley, the audio book reader. He really brings this series to life. He is now one of my favorite readers!! I love the series and Love the reader!

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