The Demon's Retribution: Shadow Quest, Book 3 (Unabridged) The Demon's Retribution: Shadow Quest, Book 3 (Unabridged)

The Demon's Retribution: Shadow Quest, Book 3 (Unabridged‪)‬

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Publisher Description

A desire that can never be sated...

Demons don’t get a second chance at love. To forget the heartless treachery of his long-dead mate, Cale has tried to find solace in the arms of one female or another, never able to fill that gaping tear in his soul. But when he is sent to find the last missing princess, Kyra, he is instantly besotted by the strong-willed, beguiling female who forces him to question everything he has ever known.

A power she cannot control...

Alone for centuries, Kyra has survived on Earth by concealing her true nature and stifling her dangerously unpredictable magic, all the while relying only on herself and never knowing what has become of her home world or her family. With the sudden appearance of a brutally sexy demon who claims to have been sent for her, she must find the courage to trust him with her life or remain earthbound forever.

A journey they both must take...

With time running out and danger closing in, can she heal his heart and save her home world? The Demon's Retribution is the third installment in the best-selling paranormal romance series Shadow Quest.

Interview with the author

Tell us a little bit about your Shadow Quest series.

Shadow Quest is a unique mix of genres that incorporates paranormal romance, fantasy, and science fiction romance. My characters are based loosely in mythology with some kick - mythical creatures such as demons, witches, and fey-like beings. Since they’re all from different planets, I suppose they’d be considered aliens. 

Each book focuses on the relationship of the hero and heroine and the trust they must build with one another. The connection they form is a slow-burn at first, and then turns combustible. I play with the fated mates theme, but the conflict and mistrust keeps things interesting. Ultimately, love wins out in the end if they can survive the journey. 

What order should I listen to the books?

Each book can be listened to in any order and the listener can still follow along, but for the full experience, I suggest the following sequence: The Demon's Possession, The Demon Slave, The Demon's Retribution, and Demon Untamed.

So, why should listeners give these books a try?

Romance fans are ravenous, and my Shadow Quest series hits the spot. Readers have told me they have read the books several times over and still enjoy it. It’s a series that draws you in and makes you long for more. Listeners who enjoy action, romance, and alpha males will want to take this epic journey.

What inspired the worlds you created in Shadow Quest, having it take place in space and on different planets?

I’ve always been interested in sci-fi, fantasy, paranormal, and mythology. I thought about the kind of romance novels I enjoy reading and what I liked about them: the idea that there could be a supernatural world within our own, veiled from sight. Then I thought, “What if all these creatures were really from different planets?” After that, the world building came naturally.

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September 13
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