The Devil's Banker (Unabridged‪)‬

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Hailed as “the John Grisham of Wall Street” by the New York Times, Christopher Reich returns to the world he knows so well--the dangerous, dazzling world of high finance and international intrigue. In this ingeniously crafted thriller, the bestselling author of Numbered Account and The First Billion introduces his most complex and engaging hero yet: forensic accountant Adam Chapel--and paints a frightening scenario where terrorism is big business and money is the ultimate weapon of war…

The explosion that shatters the smart Parisian apartment reverberates around the globe. In an instant, a suspected terrorist is dead and half a million dollars has vanished. Within days, the CIA is certain it has found a connection between the dead man and a planned terrorist attack on U.S. soil. Determined to avert another 9/11, they have assembled an elite counterterrorist task force, code name: Blood Money. Its mission: to follow the money trail. Its secret weapon: forensic accountant Adam Chapel. A man who trusts numbers more than people, Chapel has his own reasons for wanting to get the job done-- four of his colleagues were killed in the Paris blast. Now Chapel is thrust back into the line of fire when he teams up with British intelligence agent Sarah Churchill. The two are assigned to hunt down a shadowy mastermind who is moving vast sums of money from country to country, from bank to bank, leaving no tracks--as he prepares for an Armaggedon of his own devising.

As Chapel follows a disappearing money trail from Paris to Munich to the deserts of Saudi Arabia, Sarah uses her elite training to stalk the “shadow” and his elusive network. Meanwhile, their quarry is auditing their every move, laying a twisting trail of false clues and shocking surprises. With the clock ticking down, soon Chapel and Sarah have only days, hours, minutes to avert disaster as a master terrorist plots to unleash the first strike in a brilliantly orchestrated conspiracy--with an almost unimaginable goal.

Hurtling us from the winding alleys of Pakistan to the elite banking houses of Europe, The Devil’s Banker creates an adrenaline-fueled world where following the money has never been more dangerous, and evil has never been harder to unmask.

Mysteries & Thrillers
John Lee
hr min
May 9
Random House Audio

Customer Reviews

"Jabari" ,

A very above average book

Intelligently written in conception and gradual revelation of enemy plan. The enemy plan has believable operational details and if it were real, any analyst who was paying attention would respect the enemy's cleverness. The characters, even the hero, have personal flaws, problems, doubts. The author’s bold, inventive choice to have a forensic accountant as the main hero could well be very interesting to some readers. Not stereotyping "good guys" and "bad guys," author shows ironic similarities in the upbringing and situation of people on both sides, and how their allegiance might have been different. In addition, the author shows good geopolitical awareness by *NOT* automatically assuming that all serious terrorist plots by foreign extremists claiming to follow Islam will come from the Al Qaeda organization. Further, there is no jumping to conclusions about the tradeoff between individual rights and national security. Plot exposition is as good as Fredrick Forsyth's "The Afghan." On the other hand, the story is long and has sad parts. If you have no patience to learn more about how criminals handle money, you should not read this. But if you do like learning these kinds of new things, you are likely to enjoy the book.

Wickerto ,

Save your money ...

The storyline and characters more irritating than interesting. 500k isn't a lot of money these days; really!! You will be sorry if you buy this book.

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