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Do you suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)? Does it cause you to make self-destructive decisions? Are you looking for more effective alternative treatments for patients with PTSD? Would you like to supplement existing therapy with other methods? Then, this audiobook is perfect for you!

The Dialectical Behavior Therapy Skills Workbook for PTSD is a self-help guide for overcoming post-traumatic stress disorder with dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) techniques and practical exercises. It offers an explanation of what DBT is, how to use it yourself or with your therapist, and much, much more! DBT helps you identify and acknowledge your emotions so that you can control them and their associated behaviors. It provides a change in habits and behavior to put an end to self-destructive decisions and choosing healthier actions.

You can find a balance between acknowledgment and change with the information and exercises mentioned in this audiobook. It is an intense and difficult method of therapy, but with courage and perseverance, this therapy is worth it for a healthier, happier life. With this book, you can find the knowledge that will change your life. 

Inside, you will find:

History of DBT
The difference between DBT and cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT)
A step-by-step formula to achieve mindfulness
Ways to cope with worry, stress, and anxiety associated with PTSD
Simple and uncommon strategies of therapists
Ways to be self-compassionate and nonjudgmental toward your own emotions
Interpersonal effectiveness skills
And much more!

At the end of this book, you will also learn the best six ways to bring everything learned in this book together. This will help you create a sustainable and sturdy personalized self-help plan. 

Who is the target audience for this book?

The Dialectical Behavior Therapy Skills Workbook for PTSD is an important book for anyone who suffers from PTSD and struggles with a mentally healthy life on medications or who lacks access to medication. It is designed to be a self-help book, but it is also a good introduction for therapists who are interested in helping patients with PTSD using alternative methods or who want to recommend personal listening materials to their patients.

Stop the cycle of self-destructive behavior, learn how to regulate your emotions to manage anxiety and fear, and discover mindfulness. Get this audiobook to overcome PTSD using DBT with therapeutic techniques and practical exercises.

George Johnson
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December 27
Armando Colantuono