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Blackstone Audio presents a new recording of this classic masterpiece, originally published in 1320, read by award-winning narrator Ralph Cosham.

No words can describe the greatness of this work, a greatness both of theme and of artistry. Dante’s theme is universal; it involves the greatest concepts that man has ever attained. Only a genius could have found the loftiness of tone and the splendor and variety of images that are presented in The Divine Comedy.

The story is an allegory representing the soul’s journey from spiritual depths to spiritual heights. As mankind exposes itself, by its merits or demerits, to the rewards or the punishments of justice, it experiences “Inferno” or hell, “Purgatorio” or purgatory, and “Paradiso” or heaven, a vision of a world of beauty, light, and song. Dante’s arduous journey through the circles of hell make for an incredibly moving human drama, and a single listen will reveal the power of Dante’s imagination to make the spiritual visible.

In this edition, “Inferno” is translated by John Aitken Carlyle, “Purgatorio,” by Thomas Okey, and “Paradiso” by Philip H. Wicksteed.

A Blackstone Audio production.

Ralph Cosham
hr min
July 1
Blackstone Audio

Customer Reviews

m3rc@t ,

Who translated it?

Very well done. I recommend listening to the more challenging classics like The Divine Comedy and Paradise Lost rather than reading them. I did love this translation but cannot find anywhere who did it. This is important to me since I am now ready to read it on Kindle. How can you list an audiobook of a great author who writes in Italian and not list the translator? So only for that reason I only give it a four star.

Kay Achar ,

The Divine Comedy

This audiobook will not sync to my iPhone 4. I spent two hours on the phone with an Apple Care supervisor trying various strategies to get it to sync. Finally, the Apple Care supervisor concluded it must be a content problem and arranged for my iTunes account to be credited. It plays just fine on my computer, but since I wanted to listen to it using the iPod app on my phone, I'll have to find another version that works.

Tumbledrewtus ,

Divine indeed

This book is great, but you could say it is long and difficult. It was written in or before the renisance and was originally written in itallian. Its great but kinda long

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