The Doomsday Watch: Three Minutes to Midnight (Unabridged‪)‬

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Publisher Description

The Doomsday Watch is both an audiobook and an actual watch that will display the minutes and seconds left before midnight - the time that the world comes to an abrupt end and which spells the extinction of the human race at the very least. The Doomsday Clock was invented just after World War Two when a group of concerned scientists realized in horror that because we had opened up Pandora's box of the nuclear bomb, we were certainly closer to the end of civilization as we know it. The other troubling problem that they saw even 65 years ago was that the balance of nature was thrown completely off of kilter, and that we were having a huge impact on the weather and climate. Because of these very alarming conditions - the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists initially set the hands of the Doomsday Clock to 20 minutes to midnight.

Today, they have been forced to push the hands forward to only three minutes to midnight. Clearly something has to be done on a state of emergency basis. Millions of people are being displaced by terrorists all around the globe. More and more rogue nations are getting the atom bomb. More of and more failed states arise every day powered by insane and crazed people who are willing to destroy the entire planet in order to make money. And the most alarming part of all this is that the political leadership of the world has sold out to these incredibly evil interests.

The oceans are almost dead and all life on the planet is threatened. Coal mines dominate the surface of the Earth and the population continues to explode and worse yet - demand more and more of the luxuries of life that cause more and more of the oceans to be destroyed and the rain forests to be obliterated. It's obvious to most of us that something drastic must be done to rescue us from the inevitable destruction of the world - but how? We don't really have a clue - until now.

Michael Mathiesen
hr min
September 17
Michael Mathiesen