The Dr. Sebi Diet: A Healing Journey: 100 Flavorful Recipes and 10-Day Smoothies Detox Plan to Lose Weight Naturally, Jumpstart Your Metabolism, and Revitalize Yourself with Plant-Based Alkaline Diet (Unabridged‪)‬

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    • $12.99

Publisher Description

Would you like to:

Decrease a chance of illness?
Promote vitality and anti-aging?
Shed pounds and detoxify your body?

Yes? Then it’s time to get on the Dr. Sebi health train!

When doctors can’t seem to figure out what’s wrong, who can you turn to? More often than not, the answers lie in your diet. Everything we eat contributes to the chemical processes in our bodies. These processes can either benefit or harm us - this is when a healthy diet can do wonders.

Dr. Sebi was a famous herbalist, pathologist, naturalist, and biochemist. He developed a unique methodology for curing the human body with herbs and a specialized, alkaline diet. The Dr. Sebi diet has helped many people suffering from chronic diseases feel better without taking pills.

This diet is meant for people who wish to prevent or cure disease naturally and improve their health without relying on standard Western medicine.

Here’s what you’ll find:

Dr. Sebi diet: everything about this diet and how it works, benefits and downsides, fasting with Dr. Sebi, transitioning into an alkaline diet, plus a list of all approved and prohibited foods
Breakfast, lunch, dinner: plant-based recipes to help you start your day right and promote a healthy, alkaline environment in your body all day, with detailed instructions and ingredients
Ten-day detox smoothie plan: Detoxify your body with delicious smoothie recipes that will help reset your pH levels and empower your healing journey

Whether you’re looking to treat or prevent a disease, you’ll find no better way to do it than a healthy diet. Dr. Sebi Diet has been proven to help in myriad health conditions that plague modern people.

With these 100 delicious and healthy recipes, there’s nothing standing in the way of your well-being!

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Chris Reilly
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June 15
Innovative Wellness