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Something Has to Change...

You can't put it into words, but something is happening to you. Your stomach churns, your heart aches, and the tension in your marriage is making you feel weary and a little crazy. The constant criticism, disrespect, cruelty, deceit, and gross indifference are eroding your confidence and breaking your spirit.

For any woman caught in an emotionally destructive marriage, Leslie Vernick offers a personalized path forward. Based on decades of counseling experience, her intensely practical, biblical advice will show you how to establish boundaries and break free from emotional abuse. Learn to:

Identify damaging behaviors
Gain the skills to respond wisely
Promote healthy change
Stay safe
Understand when, why, and even how to leave
Recognize that God sees and hates what is happening to you

Trying harder to be a perfect fantasy wife won’t help fix what’s wrong your marriage. Discover instead how you can initiate effective changes to stop the cycle of destruction and restore hope for the future.

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Leslie Vernick
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May 31
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Customer Reviews

Gijenjen ,

Powerful book

A great book for women finding their voice and courage to make changes in their really bad marriages.
The author quotes the Bible (a lot), which was almost a turn-off for me, but she does it to make the point that God cares about your health, safety and sanity.

Via C ,

Encourages Divorce

The author reels you in by having you take a quiz and showing you that you are in a destructive marriage. The reason you bought the book is most likely because you are already unhappy in your marriage so of course, you’ll follow along with her solutions. She offers a couple things to say to stand up your husband. However, if he doesn’t oblige the next step is pretty much to get your ducks in a row for divorce. I think a better book is Staying Married and Loving It (sorry no audiobook available). It really gets into the complexities within a independent woman being part of a marital partnership and how men can start to feel based on this. It’s very empowering and gives you some reasons as to why you may be in the situation you’re in. This Destructive Marriage book doesn’t address that so I think a woman can find herself in the same predicament in another marriage down the road.

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