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Earphones Award Winner (AudioFile Magazine)

Audie Award Winner, Audiobook of the Year, 2013

Audie Award Nominee, Best Solo Narration, 2013

Graham Greene’s evocative analysis of the love of self, the love of another, and the love of God is an English classic that has been translated for the stage, the screen, and even the opera house. Academy Award-winning actor Colin Firth (The King's Speech, A Single Man) turns in an authentic and stirring performance for this distinguished audio release.

The End of the Affair, set in London during and just after World War II, is the story of a flourishing love affair between Maurice Bendrix and Sarah Miles. After a violent episode at Maurice's apartment, Sarah suddenly and without explanation breaks off the affair. This very intimate story about what actually constitutes love is enhanced by Mr. Firth's narration, who said "this book struck me very, very particularly at the time when I read it and I thought my familiarity with it would give the journey a personal slant."

"I'm grateful for this honor," Firth said when this production was recognized by the Audie Awards as Audiobook of the Year for 2013, "and grateful for the opportunity to narrate one of my favorite stories. A great novel told in the first person makes for the best script an actor could imagine. None better than The End of the Affair.... Theater and film each offer their own challenges and rewards, but narration is a new practice for me and the audiobook performance provides exhilarating possibilities for both actors and listeners. I'm thrilled to be involved in bringing this remarkable work of fiction to a wider audience, and thankful to Audible for offering me the opportunity to perform it and to engage with so many who share my passion for storytelling."

Colin Firth
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May 7
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Customer Reviews

barblibrarian ,

Colin Firth is Amazing

I have never read "The End of the Affair" so this was my first exposure. As a dedicated Colin Firth fan, I had to purchase this to listen to it. I think the highest praise I can give his performance is that I forgot it was Colin Firth presenting. I became so engrossed in the story, and so troubled by the characters that I started to actually hear the voices of the characters and the "voice" of the author. As Bendix becomes more and more obsessed with Sarah and his ended love affair, the story itself becomes more intense and moving. Mr. Firth's reading is amazingly good. I can only hope he will do more in the line of audio books.

Petalyn ,

In every way...

Set in part during World War two, I highly recommend.
This is a beautiful work, in every way, from Greene's raw frankness that confesses the far corners of the human heart to Firth's intimate personifications of each character. I will listen to this again, and again. The story richly illustrates the inner struggle between desire's simultaneous impulse toward nobility and nature, in all it's courage and cowardice, and skillfully engages the reader in that endless conversation about the existence of God and the role of faith, through Greene's characters as they each strain to straddle the canyon between what they believe and what life asks of them. It's a wonderful experience to listen to this story and to Me Forth tell it.

stark rocker ,

Lovely, powerful.

This was a phemomonal experience. I recommend to anyone interested in deep, poignant material acted by a master. Brace yourself for greatness.

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