The Escape Artist

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Nola Brown, the U.S. Army's artist-in-residence--a painter and trained soldier--sees something nobody was supposed to see and earns a dangerous enemy in this novel as powerful as "a launched torpedo slashing through 400 pages of deep water before reaching of the best thrill rides ever" (David Baldacci).

Who is Nola Brown?

Nola is a mystery

Nola is trouble.

And Nola is supposed to be dead.

Her body was found on a plane that mysteriously fell from the sky as it left a secret military base in the Alaskan wilderness. Her commanding officer verifies she's dead. The US government confirms it. But Jim "Zig" Zigarowski has just found out the truth: Nola is still alive. And on the run.

Zig works at Dover Air Force Base, helping put to rest the bodies of those who die on top-secret missions. Nola was a childhood friend of Zig's daughter and someone who once saved his daughter's life. So when Zig realizes Nola is still alive, he's determined to find her. Yet as Zig digs into Nola's past, he learns that trouble follows Nola everywhere she goes.

Together, Nola and Zig will either reveal a sleight of hand being played at the highest levels of power or die trying to uncover the US Army's most mysterious secret--a centuries-old conspiracy that traces back through history to the greatest escape artist of all: Harry Houdini.

"Meltzer is a master and this is his best. Not since The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo have you seen a character like this. Get ready to meet Nola. If you've never tried Meltzer, this is the one." -- Harlan Coben

Mysteries & Thrillers
Scott Brick
hr min
March 6
Hachette Audio

Customer Reviews

Djalbrecht89 ,


My favorite thing about listening this novel was the two different narrators! I liked having the juxtaposition of the male and female voices. It kept me engaged

Djones28 ,

Main Character Is Not Very Likeable

I didn't think this was a very good book, and the main problem is that the main character is hard to root for, and frankly, hard to tolerate. He is obsessed with the death of his daughter 14 years ago and his ex-wife's facebook status. He demands that people help them, and when they do, he is demanding, rude, and never thankful. He is self-important, but naive to the point of being stupid, and yet we're supposed to believe this jerk can solve the puzzle. Most every character in the book has to have a nickname, which just becomes annoying, and I found the ending to be totally unbelievable and a let down. Someone billed this books as "the one to try" if you wanted to read something by this author. Try something else. Hopefully it's better.

gtamari ,

Simply bad (don’t touch!)

The good news - I’m not touching ANU of this author books ever.
One of the worst writing - AND reading pieces of junk I ever got. This guy must be desperate for pay, piling on empty pages of boring stuff. The reader with his dramatic style makes it even worse.

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