The Escher Man The Escher Man

The Escher Man

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    • Pre-Order
    • $12.99

Publisher Description

A cartel enforcer across Southeast Asia must escape a world of paranoia and violence to save his family in this cerebral and multi-layered cyberpunk science fiction novel, from the award-winning author of 36 Streets. Perfect for fans of William Gibson's The Peripheral and Five Minds by Guy Morpuss.

Your name is Endel ‘Endgame’ Ebbinghaus. It is Saturday, 3 September, 2101. You’re head of security for Mister Long, boss of the Macau Syndicate, a drug cartel. Your memories are being wiped and rewritten. You keep this log because you’re hard-pressed to remember what day it is. But today is a special day, mate. This is your last day on the job.”

‘Endgame’ is a violent man, the perfect enforcer. But Endel is also a father and husband—haunted by the memories of his estranged family, and the life they once had.

Endel wants them back, and he wants out. But life in the syndicate isn’t one you can simply leave.

Endgame is a violent man. Or is he? In a world where memory manipulation is the weapon of choice for the powerful, Endel can’t tell friends and enemies apart anymore, can’t be sure if he’s a person or a tool.

Trapped in a taut, twisting nightmare, Endel must find a way to escape the labyrinth they’ve made of his mind, and take revenge.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
September 17
Dreamscape Media