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The original American dramatization as broadcast on National Public Radio.

In the ancient world of Middle Earth—a place of elves and dwarves, orcs and wizards, the darkest evil and the brightest good—a hobbit named Frodo Baggins embarks on a perilous quest: to carry the One Ring, ruler of all the Rings of Power, into the shadowy land of Mordor and destroy it in the fires where it was forged.

Ensemble Cast
hr min
March 1
HighBridge Audio

Customer Reviews

Squidbait ,

Abridged 'beyond' abridged

When this first became available on cassette tape back in the 80's, the whole series (minus the Hobbit) was OVER twelve hours long. Of course it was abridged. When it finally became available in CD format, it was abridged beyond the cassette version. Now that it's available on iTunes, it is abridged even further beyond the CD version. If you want the full experience of the ENTIRE Lord Of The Rings, buy the unabridged audio book version from iTunes read by Rob Ingles. It's much better, and it's complete.

TyronasaurusRex ,

The Only Dramatized Version to Hear!

Years ago I purchased this audio series on tape. Nothing has come out since those days that leads me to change my opinion...that this is the best audio version of the Lord of the Rings. Years ago, when I lost my collection of tapes, I searched and searched for a replacement. Seeing that new versions had come out I tried them and was not only disappointed in the production and choice of voices, but I was also disappointed that I spent a lot of money doing so. Then one day I stumbled upon this CD version from HighBridge Audio. I immediately bought the Fellowship and I got the rest for Christmas.

Do you want something that you will listen to again and again? Do you want a version true to the books with characterizations you will remember and love? Then this Audio book is for you. You won't regret it.

RBrooksC ,

Do people not understand the word "Dramatized?"

Who are these idiots writing reviews who cannot even understand the English language? When something has "Dramatized" next to it, it means just that. It is NOT a reading of thet book verbatim. It is a dramatization of a novel and hence things will not be exactly, out of order or omitted completely. Before you write a review that makes you look like a complete idiot, learn what you are buying. The fact that you cannot read and understand what is clearly written does not make this piece of work bad.

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