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From New York Times bestselling author William R. Forstchen comes the third installment in the smash hit One Second After series.

Months before publication, William R. Forstchen’s One Second After was cited on the floor of Congress as a book all Americans should read. This third book in the series immerses listeners once more in the story of our nation’s struggle to rebuild itself after an electromagnetic pulse wipes out all electricity and plunges the country into darkness, starvation, and death.

After defeating the designs of the alleged federal government, John Matherson and his community have returned their attention to restoring the technologies and social order that existed prior to the EMP attack. Then the government announces that it’s ceding large portions of the country to China and New Mexico. The Constitution is no longer in effect, and what’s left of the US Army has been deployed to suppress rebellion in the remaining states.

The man sent to suppress John is General Bob Scales, John’s old commanding officer and closest friend from prewar days. Will General Scales follow orders, or might he be the crucial turning point in the quest for an America that is again united? When news breaks that members of the federal government knew an EMP attack was coming long before it hit, the government might get exactly what it fears: revolution.

A Blackstone Audio production.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
Bronson Pinchot
hr min
January 3
Blackstone Audio

Customer Reviews

chrisdcj ,

Truly enjoyed

This book was great I’ve listened to it afew times.

PowaSnatcha ,

Emotional, bold, impactful, loved it!

I absolutely loved the experience and story these three books gave me! (The Final Day being book #3.)
William Forstchen takes you on ride through what would likely happen in the event of an EMP attack. I was sad and frustrated when I heard the final words of the final chapter.
I thoroughly enjoyed the insight and story of the characters. It promoted thought, prompted action and, left me wanting MORE!
I could have listened to another 30 chapters of the story!
I will seek more from William Forstchen!

DustinB ,

Great finish to the trilogy.

The first book is great. The second book is decent. The third book is on par with the first one. The only reason I would even be concerned with writing this review is for those, like me, that thought the second book, "One Year After," was a little slow and uneventful compared to the first. Unlike the second book, this one has the cliffhangers and emotions that one would expect. This series needs to be made into either a long movie, or better yet, Netflix should pick it up and create a show or mini-series on it. Great story, and while it is obviously fiction, I feel it's fairly accurate in its scientific, logical, and probable events that would actually occur. Good stuff.

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