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This classic of contemporary science writing by a Nobel Prize–winning physicist explains what happened when the universe began, and how we know. According to the latest cosmological knowledge, Weinberg describes the universe as originating in fractions of a second. He divides the early universe into six frames, some lasting less than a second while others extend for more than a minute, and details the incredible energetic reactions that took place within each frame. This is an excellent primer for anyone interested in the beginning of the world by one of our best science writers.

From the Big Bang to string theory, dark matter to the theory of relativity, this book covers a range of fascinating subjects written in language that will apeal to science enthusiasts and general readers alike.

Science & Nature
Raymond Todd
hr min
June 22
Blackstone Audio

Customer Reviews

MikeAroundtheWorld.com ,

loved it

This book is well written and anyone can 'get into it.' It's not a textbook- as so many physics books become. Informative, interesting and intelligent. A great book for middle school kids- I mean it! I read a book like this as a 12 year old and I have not stopped reading books on this material- it's a piece of the Truth of the universe! Where else can you get THAT?


astronomerc ,

The First Three Minutes

An extraordinary, thrilling journey through the most important eras of the formation of the universe. True, some equations are presented, but those who rate this book poorly because of it perhaps don't realize that you can completely ignore the mathematics (if you so choose), and *still* get a more thorough explanation of the early universe than is available in any other single work. Don't miss this book -- I have read it four times, and still go back for reference occasionally, though it is now somewhat dated. Even so, it's a "must read" for anyone truly interested in cosmology.

Phenderson2000 ,

Not that good

I tried, but it just was not that well written for a general audience. Lets just say it takes a long long time to get through three minutes.

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