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In her acclaimed novels, Susan Vreeland has given us portraits of painting and life that are as dazzling as their artistic subjects. Now, in The Forest Lover, she traces the courageous life and career of Emily Carr, who—more than Georgia O'Keeffe or Frida Kahlo—blazed a path for modern women artists. Overcoming the confines of Victorian culture, Carr became a major force in modern art by capturing an untamed British Columbia and its indigenous peoples just before industrialization changed them forever. From illegal potlatches in tribal communities to artists' studios in pre-World War I Paris, Vreeland tells her story with gusto and suspense, giving us a glorious novel that will appeal to lovers of art, native cultures, and lush historical fiction.

Karen White
hr min
January 1
Penguin Audio

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pigletsmum ,

Artists, be inspired! Masterfully written, narrated by a Pro.

Love this audiobook! I listen to audiobooks while exercising everyday during lunch at work, which means I have listened to many! This book has kept me mesmerized and going strong for weeks now ( I am currently on disk 11 of 12). Susan has done her homework on the indeginous peoples of Canada making that part of the work and the way it intertwines with the wonderful characters very interesting. I love that Susan shows the many spiritual aspects through the original Indian beliefs, and that which Emily finds through her artwork. All while bravely recording the juxtaposition of the cruelty often meted out to the Indians with the introduction of Christianity; that which was supposed to help "civilize" the Indians.

Though the story is long, it keeps you engulfed and coming back for more with the essence of it's characters and the simple yet extraordinary lives they lead. If you are an Artist or an aspiring Artist, this book will enfold you in its spiritual senses and inspire you to begin to take the steps you need, to be the artist that you know you can be. Being a budding artist myself, this book has kickstarted me into painting almost every day now, even if it is just to splash paint needlessly about. It is a wonderful thing. Thank you Susan, you are like a Jessica to me :) Kim, Nazareth, PA

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