The Forest of Death: The Threat of Alzedhsia The Forest of Death: The Threat of Alzedhsia

The Forest of Death: The Threat of Alzedhsia

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    • $3.99

Publisher Description

This is an Apple Books audiobook narrated by a digital voice based on a human narrator.

In a tranquil corner of the world, life in the peaceful town of Alzedhsia flowed smoothly. Surrounded by an extensive, serene, and scarcely trodden forest, calmness reigned on the surface. However, beyond the apparent tranquility, a silent and profound territory lurked, where a bear had begun to impose its rule.

This animal, skilled and ruthless, eliminated its competitors in the animal kingdom: bears, wolves, and coyotes fell victim to its dominance. Soon, the disappearance of hunters and forest visitors sparked palpable unease in Alzedhsia. Authorities embarked on a distressing search, unaware that their path would cross with the feared "Death Bear."

In this context, key inhabitants of Alzedhsia emerge: Kristina, Tatjana, Veronika, Albina, Violeta, and a series of figures whose lives will become intertwined by the impending events. Adam, the mayor, and his policemen Adrian and Collins delve into a scenario of mystery and danger to protect their community.

The ensuing chapters take the reader on a dark and bewildering journey. From the disruption of the initial calmness to the growing alarm in the town, the bear's presence awakens ancestral fears and prompts the need for investigation.

The final chapters witness an intense and thrilling confrontation between the inhabitants of Alzedhsia and the bear that rules the forest. But as the battle reaches its climax, surprising connections, unexpected allies, and a deeper understanding of the history behind the threat are revealed.

The book concludes with the resolution of the confrontation, but also with the image of a united town, working together to heal wounds, rebuild lost peace, and comprehend the fragile yet essential balance between man and nature.

Mysteries & Thrillers
Apple Books
hr min
February 10
Arthur Anderson