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Bursting with imagination and impossible to put down, this “wholly original” (People) and “refreshing” (San Francisco Chronicle) novel from New York Times bestselling author John Connolly is about the pull between good and evil, physics and fantasy—and a quirky boy, who is impossible not to love, and the unlikely cast of characters who give him the strength to stand up to a demonic power.

Young Samuel Johnson and his dachshund, Boswell, are trying to show initiative by trick-or-treating a full three days before Halloween, which is how they come to witness strange goings-on at 666 Crowley Road. The Abernathys don't mean any harm by their flirtation with the underworld, but when they unknowingly call forth Satan himself, they create a gap in the universe, a gap through which a pair of enormous gates is visible. The gates to Hell. And there are some pretty terrifying beings just itching to get out...

Can one small boy defeat evil? Can he harness the power of science, faith, and love to save the world as we know it?

Mysteries & Thrillers
Jonathan Cake
hr min
October 6
Simon & Schuster Audio

Customer Reviews

PCarson66 ,

Narrarator is Wonderful!

I realize that Jonathan Cake didn't write this book, but he is such a perfect storyteller that I had to comment. The narrarator can make or break an audiobook, and Mr. Cake is one of the best. He has a dry sense of humor that comes out in the telling. When he comes to a sad part in the story, his voice will grab your heart and before you know it, your eyes are welling up. It's a shame that they didn't stick w/ Mr. Cake for this author's later books, instead of going w/ the AWFUL Mr. Tim Reynolds. Please don't buy the audiobooks w/ Mr. Reynolds narrarating, you'll do better to just pick up the paperback. He's that bad!

Murderfish ,

A tremendious book!

This is a great book! Very well written, very tounge and cheek, and the narrator is spot on. While the subject matter is dark, the prose of the author will keep you smililng throughout this wonderful adventure! BUY IT!

Hellywell ,

Really, Really funny!

Samuel and his dog Boswell, happen upon a gate to Hell and many monsters both terrifying and not so scary. Whatever they're up to, John Connolly writes in such an amusing style, I laughed like I did while reading Terry Pratchett's books. Try it! You'll like it!

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