The Gateway Cafe: Vacationing Angel Series, Book 1 (Unabridged) The Gateway Cafe: Vacationing Angel Series, Book 1 (Unabridged)

The Gateway Cafe: Vacationing Angel Series, Book 1 (Unabridged‪)‬

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    • $17.99

Publisher Description

The Gateway Café” is laced with spiritual wisdom, transformative insights, and delightful humor…so cleverly written and wise. I loved Heidi’s book and highly recommend it!” (Irene Weinberg, Grief & Rebirth Podcast, author of They Serve Bagels in Heaven)

"Heidi Connolly’s Gateway Café is a delightful flight of fantasy to the “Other Side” that reminds us we are really all “angels on vacation.” If you are searching for the deeper meaning of life, this book will guide you unexpectedly toward love and healing as you see beyond this everyday world to what is really real in the spiritual dimension. Read it for fun and entertainment; savor it for the transformation it will ultimately bring to your life!" (Karen Wyatt MD, Author of 7 Lessons for Living from the Dying”; Host of the End-of-Life University Podcast) 

"Thimble hits us with her vital stats and BOOM, we’re flying through Heidi’s magical novel so fast we’re checking our own backs for little fluffs of feathers. Prediction: Headed to a theater near you!" (Greta Medlin, Award-winning Journalist and Author of The Tender Void)

When T.A., a not yet 16, too sensitive, self-proclaimed social misfit, wakes up one morning requiring a massive injection of sanity to address the pair of wings that has suddenly sprouted on her back, there’s no denying that her life’s gone from merely cringe-worthy to mortifying. After years of doing nothing but despising herself for her own ineptitude and cowardice to handle bullying by peers, sabotage on the court, and the everyday complexities of life, Thimble not only finds this incomprehensible new development worthy of total meltdown status—but revenge her only viable option. Will anger and fear drive her to make the most horrendous decision in her life and straight into the pit of despair, or will interdimensional travel with the angels who intrude on her life--and refuse to leave her alone--save her from herself?

Kids & Young Adults
Jenny McNiven
hr min
January 12
Harvard Girl Word Services / 2LAKES Publishing