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Not all wizards were born to be heroes.

Things not to do when you find out you’re a wizard:

#1 Do not destroy your apartment with magical fire. You WILL NOT get the security deposit back.

#2 Do not form an alliance with the guy who is trying to murder you. This will end badly.

#3 Do not drag the girl you’re desperately in love with into your wizard mess. You risk her watching you fail miserably.

#4 Under no circumstances should you get in the middle of an epic magical battle. Death will happen. Lots of death and bad things.

This Epic Tome contains all four books in The Tale of Bryant Adams:

How I Magically Messed Up My Life in Four Freakin' Days

Seven Things Not to Do When Everyone's Trying to Kill You

Three Simple Steps to Wizarding Domination

Five Spellbinding Laws of International Larceny

Kids & Young Adults
Jacob McNatt
hr min
October 15
Ink Worlds Press

Customer Reviews

ByFelicia ,

All things magic in the palm of your hand!

Bryant is the epitome of an awkward teen but with a good head on his shoulders. Best friends with the coolest kid in school gives him some cred by association at least and his mom is everyone’s favorite drama teacher. Throw in the girl he has a major crush on and head over heels for and things really begin to happen.

I got a kick out of this series. I thought it was funny. To me it maybe leans a little more towards YA even though the characters are in high school but I didn’t mind. It gave me some major Percy Jackson vibes with a hint of Harry Potter with the whole “you’re a wizard!” and discovering magic is indeed real. I’ve been pulled into Bryant’s world and I was anxious to see what’s in store for him and his friends as they navigate the world of magic. I loved the idea of a cellphone that has any and all magical information stored on it with apps included. I mean, we are in the 21st century after all. The story moves at a steady pace from beginning to end and each book is better than the last. Definitely worth the read and highly recommended!

Narrator does a phenomenal job of capturing the awkwardness of the main character along with the confidence and suaveness of the supporting characters.

Laura-01 ,

Loved it!

If you want to escape to a magical and fantasy world then look no further!!
The narrator, Jacob McNatt does a wonderful portrayal of the main character Bryant. The variety of tones and voices Jacob used elevated the story.
The trio Bryant, Devon, and Elizabeth seem to always find danger. Can this trio take down the baddies from the magical world? Pick up this series to find out.
I highly recommend this collection to YA magical and fantasy lovers. I love it when authors box their collections especially for audiobooks because of all the savings. One collection of books for one credit. Hard to pass up.

Glfr2000 ,

Super fantastic

This is fantastic story of a man and his friends and a magic cellphone and it’s hilarious and very creative and thoroughly enjoyable. You will love it and it’s the whole story in one volume