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The Gospel as Revealed to Me (formerly "The Poem of the Man-God") is the title of the new edition of Maria Valtorta's main work. The new English edition is similar to the original Italian both for the title and for the subdivision in 10 volumes.

It narrates the birth and childhood of the Virgin Mary and her son, Jesus; the three years of Jesus' public life (forming the largest section); his passion, death, resurrection, and ascension; the beginnings of the church; and the assumption of Mary.

In lofty literary style, the work describes landscapes, environments, people, and events with the vividness of graphic depiction. It presents characters and situations with introspective insight and sets forth moments of joy or drama with the feeling of someone really taking part in them. It provides information on the characteristics of settings, customs, rites, and cultures with convincing detail.

By way of a gripping account of the Redeemer's earthly life, especially through discourse and dialogue, the work sheds light upon the whole doctrine of Christianity in keeping with Catholic orthodoxy.

Religion & Spirituality
Father Peter Bowes
hr min
December 5
Ruach Center Inc

Customer Reviews

JacobFree32 ,

One Happy Listener!

I am so grateful to the author who spent so much time clearly reading each chapter! It's a lot of work and it was also well done.

I feel the author reading these stories of Jesus and they come alive like we are transported back to when Jesus and Mary were on the earth. Maria Valtorta gives so much beautiful detail that the stories feel so much more real and relatable to my experiences.

Thank you for a wonderful gift to everyone who wants to go deeper into the life and teachings of Jesus and Mary.

One happy listener!

MLB instock ,


This work is truly remarkable. The detail and depth provided by Maria Valtorta married to the soothing voice of Father Peter Bowes is a winning combination. Listening to this has answered so many questions I had about the bible and the way Father Peter read it made me feel like I was actually part of the scenes. I was very impressed at how hooked I got! I'm glad there are 10 volumes. Definitely recommend it.

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