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The Grail is another knockout from New York Times best-selling author Bob Mayer writing as Robert Doherty.

The Holy Grail - is it the key to a miracle...or a terrifying truth? The Great Wall of China, the immense carvings on Easter Island, Egypt's pyramids, UFOs: What is the chilling connection? The answer, unearthed by an elite band of soldiers and scientists based at Area 51, is rewriting human history - to include the aliens who shaped it!

Now, in this heart-pounding novel, Area 51 personnel embark on a top-secret search for the Holy Grail, a glittering artifact with the power to save the world...or lead to its destruction.

Special Forces officer Mike Turcotte has paid his dues in battle and in blood. Now assigned to Area 51, he fights the toughest enemy of his career: the alien race who arrived on Earth millennia ago and have returned to claim the planet.

Mike has dodged bullets and faced weapons of mass destruction to give humanity another day of reprieve. But when his lover, scientist Lisa Duncan, falls into evil hands, Mike must decide which prize means the most to him - the woman he loves or the legendary Grail. It's a decision that could damn him...or damn us all.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
Martin Gollery
hr min
March 22
Robert J Mayer

Customer Reviews

icantquityoulewis ,

Worst narration I've heard

I listen to a lot of audio books. This is by far the worse narration I've ever heard. The narrator cannot correctly pronounce basic words in the English language. It was extremely painful to listen to. It was laughably bad for the first few hours. Afterwards, it I wanted to stick pins through my lips as it would have been less painful.

Decent story. Read the book and pick up the rest in the series as they have a different narrator.

pweaverm ,

Good story… TERRIBLE Narrative.

This should never have been released and I feel as though I should get my money back from the narrator. DO NOT BUY, unless you are really interested in the story. I’ve read the book and the story is good so I wanted to have the audio book to listen too…. Bad purchase…

Non Compos Mentis ,

How did he get this gig?

Great story, really enjoying the series. HOWEVER; what happened to the prior narrators? This guy is terrible!! I’ve only heard one worse narrator in the Barsoom series, the guy sounded like Ted Kennedy reading during a filibuster after a bottle of gin. This guy sounds like he doesn’t understand english, he can only read it phonetically. Seriously, please don’t judge the series by this narrator. Hopefully the next books in the series don’t use him again.

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