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Will is the last-born of the Old Ones, immortals dedicated to saving the world from the forces of evil. And now it is Will's task to wake--with the golden harp--the six who must be roused from their long slumber in the Welsh hills to prepare for the last battle between the Dark and the Light.

Kids & Young Adults
Richard Mitchley
hr min
May 8
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Chronic Scholar ,

The Grey King

The narrator is the perfect fit for the text. The Welsh passages roll naturally off of his tongue, avoiding the potential disruption of moving between languages. His pronunciation of names like Caradog are not victimized by unfortunate and innappropriate Anglicizations, so the frame established by the author is beautifully and seemlessly maintained. The voice beautifully embodies the Wales of the story and helps to situate the listener within the story comfortably. My thanks to whomever hired him, this book could easily have been harmed with a less adept reader. The story itself is a well-balanced tale, moving through a wide emotional range and maintaining a very close connection between the real world of childhood's growing awareness of the darker aspects of the world, self-empowerment, etc., while providing a substrate of ancient Welsh tradition. As Welsh is a Celtic language, and the Celtic language branch (Welsh, Irish, Scottish, Breton and revived Cornish and Manx) is the only group of Indo-European languages in danger of extinction, this book provides a marvellous dose of cultural and linguistic awareness in the mix. I highly recommend this audiobook.

Paigiepoo419 ,


my name is paige i love susan cooper she is a superb writer i have the book greenwitch and am waiting to get the others!

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