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The grid is an accident of history and of culture, in no way intrinsic to how we produce, deliver and consume electrical power. Yet this is the system the United States ended up with, a jerry-built structure now so rickety and near collapse that a strong wind or a hot day can bring it to a grinding halt.

The grid is now under threat from a new source: renewable and variable energy, which puts stress on its logics as much as its components.

In an entertaining, perceptive and deeply researched fashion, cultural anthropologist Gretchen Bakke uses the history of an increasingly outdated infrastructure to show how the United States has gone from seemingly infinite technological prowess to a land of structural instability. She brings humor and a bright eye to contemporary solutions and to the often surprising ways in which these succeed or fail. And the consequences of failure are significant.

Our national electrical grid grew during an era when monopoly, centralisation and standardisation meant strength. Yet as we've increasingly become a nation that caters to local needs, and as a plethora of new renewable energy sources comes online, our massive system is dangerously out of step.

Charting the history of our electrical grid, Bakke helps us see what we all take for granted, shows it as central to our culture and identity as a people and reveals it to be the linchpin in our aspirations for a clean-energy future.

Science & Nature
Emily Caudwell
hr min
September 8
Audible Studios for Bloomsbury

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nicknamestu ,

The Grid

Excellent explanation of the how the grid evolved and considerations for future utility. Incredible and entertaining learning value. Unfortunately, the PDF of the figures and illustrations is not available as advertised.

CuervoMojave ,

Downloadable PDF?

The second sentence in the audiobook says "You can download a PDF of all the charts and graphs that go with the text on the page where you purchased this audiobook"

Where is that exactly? iTunes is pretty cool, but I've never been able to figure out where they hide the matching PDF files that go with the book.

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