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The Guns of Avalon is the second book of The Chronicles of Amber; an epic fantasy series written by six- time Hugo Award winning and three-time Nebula Award winning author, Roger Zelazny.

The ten books that make up the series are told in two story arcs: The Corwin Cycle and the Merlin Cycle.

The Audible audio rendition of this classic sci-fi/fantasy series is started off by 2012 Audie Award nominee, Alessandro Juliani, who reads the first five books that make up the Corwin Cycle and whose narration vividly brings the world of Amber to life.

Across the worlds of Shadow, Corwin, Prince of blood royal, heir to the throne of Amber, gathers his forces for an assault that will yield up to him the crown that is rightfully his. But, a growing darkness of his own doing threatens Corwin's plans, an evil that stretches to the heart of the perfect kingdom itself where the demonic forces of Chaos mass to annihilate Amber and all who would rule there.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
Alessandro Juliani
hr min
July 31
Audible Studios

Customer Reviews

Mr Mr 001 ,


5-stars because I'm happy that this series is finally available. I had imagined Corwin's narration as being a snide variant of a Film Noir 1st person protagonist [ a la Philip Marlowe] but I'll take it without much complaint.

That said, the vocal interpretation of Random as a psychedelic Gilbert Gottfried meets Gollum is pushing things.

Humor4Fun ,

Great book, poor incarnation

The books are amazing, zelazny's attention to enough detail but not too much, and his ability to define thought processes is incredible. The original audiobooks were read by Zelazny himself and were much better than this.

I've listened to zelazny's readings of the while series over 10 times (unabridged) and these abridged versions just don't come close to the gruff tones that Zelazny embodies from his own writings. If you've never read these books, then do - that is, listen/read whatever you can get your hands on. The first 5 books are the best of the series, but my personal suggestion is that you find a copy of Sunset Prosuctions original recordings of Zelazny reading his own works.

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