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Part manifesto, part whispered wake-up call, The Healthy Deviant is a modern-day survival guide for being a healthy person in a predominantly unhealthy world.

If you are finding health-improvement to be a challenging quest, you are not alone. Research suggests that currently, fewer than three percent of US adults are healthy, happy, and on track to stay that way. Despite unprecedented investments of time, energy, and money, the vast majority of people who chase health and happiness in our culture don't ever achieve them. Yet somehow, against all odds, a few healthy oddballs do. Some of them even make it look easy. The question is: How?

That's what this convention-busting audiobook sets out to explain. Drawing on more than two decades of scientific insight and real-life wisdom, award-winning health journalist Pilar Gerasimo shares the unlikely means by which a small but growing number of healthy outliers are managing to pull off the seemingly impossible - and how you can, too.

The Healthy Deviant rejects the idea that more prescriptions for "diet and exercise" alone can save us - or even that they are the best places to start. Instead, by combining insights from psychology, evolutionary biology, and functional medicine, Gerasimo (founding editor of Experience Life magazine and co-host of The Living Experiment podcast) invites us to reclaim our vitality by embracing bold new patterns and perspective shifts, and by breaking away from the counterproductive efforts that have been wearing us down.

With a transformative 14-Day Healthy-Deviant Adventure program, plus original infographics, self-assessments, and a collection of fun, interactive tools (available in a supplemental PDF and downloadable bonus toolkit), this thought-provoking audiobook will change your whole approach to health improvement, set you on an inspired new path, and put you happily back in charge of your own well-being. Starting now.

Pilar Gerasimo
hr min
April 9
Pilar Gerasimo, LLC

Customer Reviews

Ready for Italy! ,

A unique experience

I’ve been waiting for this audio version of Healthy Deviant to come out. I came upon the HD book by chance when it was first published and I found it truly enlightening, empowering and downright FUN to try out the ideas during what has been an extremely challenging stressful year! There’s nothing else like it, so it is a little hard to explain. But - I use HD concepts and user-friendly suggestions everyday, so I love to listen to the audio version on-the-go and/or as a nice kind-to-myself version of an Ultradian Rhythm Break (it’s in the book). I very much want to be my own true version of happy and healthy. I want anyone who wants it, to be their own true version of the same. I wish Healthy Deviant for everyone!

Tee-us Jay-us ,

We need deviators deviating

This audiobook should be in everyone’s library. Hearing the easy-flowing, lilting energy of her voice illuminates the content. It is well researched, deeply insightful and experienced first-hand as in her Living Experiment podcasts. Wonderful!