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“You can’t help but fall in love with Lynsay Sands!”
—Christina Dodd

Whether she’s enthralling readers with the exploits of her Argeneau vampire family, transporting fans to the Scottish Highlands, or enchanting them with love affairs of the noble lords and ladies of the Regency ton, New York Times and USA Today bestseller Lynsay Sands knows how to pen a winner! The Heiress—the second book in the very sexy, very funny Regency romance series she began with The Countess—is further proof of Sands’s historical romance mastery. The winning tale of an alluring beauty desperately seeking a poor husband, The Heiress is exactly the kind of sharp and witty read that fans of Julie Garwood and Teresa Medeiros—not to mention Lynsay’s own army of aficionados—are looking for.

Faye Adelle
hr min
June 28

Customer Reviews

Likethisshow ,

So Bad I Couldn't Finish It.

I was hugely disappointed by this book--the only reason I made it halfway through is that I paid so much for it that I kept hoping it would get better.

If you like romances that portray two well-developed characters gradually discovering their love for each other, this novel is not for you. Although this book has an intriguing inital premise, Sands offers her readers little more than successive chapters of soft-core pornography thinly veiled as a historical romance. Seriously, how depraved must a man be to be so controlled by his hormones that he would just forget that there was a corpse sitting in the carriage with him and the woman he was trying to seduce? No man that could be considered hero material in my book!

The writing was poor as well, full of anachronistic language and a lack of description that made the world feel empty and bland. I don't know if that was due to the author's lack of research or her assumption that most romance readers had seen Pride and Prejudice enough times to just fill in the blanks for themselves. Props to the narrator for being able to read the ridiculous dialogue and breathless, euphemism-filled descriptions of foreplay without laughing--I hope they paid her a lot to do it!

This will teach me to try a new author that hasn't already been highly-rated by others.

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