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The Hunting of Hillary traces how an entire industry of hate, lies, and fear was created to persecute Hillary Clinton for decades and profit from it.

In The Hunting of Hillary, presidential biographer Michael D’Antonio details the years of lies and insults heaped upon Hillary Clinton as she pursued a life devoted to politics and policy. The worst took the form of sexism and misogyny, much of it barely disguised.

A pioneer for women, Clinton was burdened in ways no man ever was. Defined by a right-wing conspiracy, she couldn’t declare what was happening lest she be cast as weak and whiny. Nevertheless, she persisted and wouldn't let them define her. As The Hunting of Hillary makes clear, her achievements have been all the more remarkable for the unique opposition she encountered. The 2016 presidential election can only be understood in the context of the primal and primitive response of those who just couldn’t imagine that a woman might lead.

For those who seek to understand the experience of the most accomplished woman in American politics, The Hunting of Hillary offers insight. For those who recognized what happened to her, it offers affirmation. And for those who hope to carry Clinton’s work into the future, it offers inspiration and instruction.

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Gabra Zackman
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July 28
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Customer Reviews

Amber7619 ,

I’d give a thousand stars if I could just for writing it

Thank you Michael D’Antonio for finally writing some truth about Hillary Clinton and the 40 year right wing, patriarchal, misogynistic smear campaign. It cost us the most amazing president we ever would have had. As for the book..This isn’t a casual read- you have to be willing to go down the rabbit hole of the political underbelly tread through the weeds. Much of the book is filled with a lot of background information which includes a LOT of people, connections, and intertwined agendas. It’s a LOT to absorb but D’Antonio pieces it together for you with diligence. It’s all necessary to fully explain why and how the multi-decade character assassination originated, played out, and affected Hillary, her family, and the entire country. I have learned a great deal and I highly recommend this book for anyone wanting some actual truth.