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The Hypnotic Salesman is the culmination of over a decade of research into why some people seem to be able to sell anything to anyone and in doing so attract into their lives absolutely anything they desire. On this short audio course you will learn truly amazing persuasion skills and techniques to get what you want, everyday and with anyone. You'll learn about the power of emotional trigger words, and how you can make people feel not just listen.

In this introduction to subliminal sales training you will learn that you cannot just get anything and everything you want, but using these techniques in advanced subliminal communication you can have other people go get them for you! You will find that when you use the energy of other people to achieve your goals, things really start to happen. Included:

How to trigger an emotion
How to ensure you are NOT interrupted
The power of the sub-conscious mind
How create instant trust
How to become super confident as a speaker
Understanding basic body language
How to get people ready to say yes
How to sell more than you ever have before
How to use the secrets of a master hypnotist!

Business & Personal Finance
Craig Beck
hr min
September 23
Viral Success Ltd

Customer Reviews

iTouch Dinosaur ,

Not worth the money...

Author presents few salesman technique and tries to tie in to hypnosis. He presents no scientific evidence, no good reasoning and most important of all, why is that even relevant for sales? If you need a quick primer on persuasion, for a third of the price you can download Science of Persuasion from Scientific American Magazine; by Robert B. Cialdini. It's a very good presentation of general tenants of persuasion that are based in science.

Nathan Vandebrake ,

Waste of time

This is nothing more than attempt to pitch the whole book.
I purchase Audiobooks regularly for much more $.
This was a waste even at $3

MurphTheSurf ,

What a waste of time

Let a fool buy, pass by and go help a prospect solve a business problem

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