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Despite the harsh circumstances besetting his own life - abject poverty, incessant gambling, and the death of his firstborn child - Dostoevsky produced a second masterpiece, The Idiot, just two years after completing Crime and Punishment.

In it, a saintly man, Prince Myshkin, is thrust into the heart of a society more concerned with wealth, power, and sexual conquest than the ideals of Christianity.

Myshkin soon finds himself at the center of a violent love triangle in which a notorious woman and a beautiful young girl become rivals for his affections. Extortion, scandal, and murder follow, testing the wreckage left by human misery to find "man in man."

A Blackstone Audio production.

Robert Whitfield
hr min
August 24
Blackstone Audio

Customer Reviews

tmsandefur ,

Poorly read-technical problems

This audio book is missing a large portion of chapter 8 of part 1. In addition, the reader's character voices are so strange--particularly the female characters--that the result is often comic, which is not exactly the tone appropriate to Dostoyevsky! Still, the book is awfully hard to follow in written form, with all the many characters and events, that an audio version is very helpful. My recommendation: get the audio, but have a hardcopy at hand for reference. And make sure to get a list of the characters, which is available on line.

Nystul ,


As another reviewer mentioned, this recording does seem to be missing a part of chapter 8, which is unfortunate.

The critiques of the narrator's voice work is also legitimate- while one can certainly justify the voices often sounding "silly" as being contextually appropriate, some are most certainly going to find them distracting or off putting.

However, the book itself is fnatastic. Wonderfully written, a fantastic story with social commentary that is still relelvant over 100 years later. Technical and narration issues can't hold down an amazing novel.

ok2bhere ,

One of his best...

A great performance, and a wonderful opportunity to re-appreciate this classic Russian literary masterpiece. There's a wonderful cafe in St. Petersburg, Russia called The Idiot, below where Dostoevsky supposedly wrote.

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