The Invisible Deal: Why Mobile Homes Are the Perfect Investment and How to Flip, Wholesale, and Rent Them (Unabridged‪)‬

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Want to invest in real estate, but don’t know how to navigate this vast landscape?

This niche market might be the last thing people think about real estate investing. Most people put their money in conventional investments, ignoring the amazing cashflow this asset class has to offer.

The lack of players creates an open market brimming with opportunities. The best part? It’s less risky than looking into real estate finance and investments, and it may bring a nearly immediate cash flow.

Discover the lucrative world of mobile home investing with Mateo Nicolas’ The Invisible Deal!

The Invisible Deal serves as your guide to investing in this underestimated facet of real estate. It lays down misleading myths, refuting them one by one. It argues why this niche business is worth your time and effort.

Each book comes with a hundred dollars' worth of tools to make your mobile rental property investing easier. You’ll get a profit analyzer to help you go over the best mobile deals within 10 minutes. You’ll also get a checklist to help you negotiate discounts and be more organized. Lastly, the book includes a mobile home FSBO script for first-timers apprehensive about making their first phone call.

This investment book is divided into six chapters covering topics teaching you how to make a deal, along with the skill of discerning whether properties are worth pursuing at a discount. Inside this guide is an in-depth discussion on the ways you can invest: wholesaling, flipping, and renting.

In this book, you’ll encounter:

A no-nonsense approach throughout the whole process, from finding a park and comping a home until you make a sale
A guide on negotiation, appraising, renting, and managing cash flows
How to increase the value of your property and the many ways to gain profit

Time to look into the ins and outs of mobile home investing. Add The Invisible Deal to your cart today!

Business & Personal Finance
Todd Belcher
hr min
April 16
Mateo Nicolas

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