The Irishman: Frank Sheeran’s True Crime Story (Unabridged‪)‬

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Frank Sheeran, known as "The Irishman", waited his entire life to tell his story or at least his version of his story. The world knew him as a union official, a longtime member of the Teamsters union; he was a member of Jimmy Hoffa’s inner circle at the top of the national union. He had run-ins with the law in this position. He was charged with the murder of a rebel union member in a riot that occurred outside the Teamster’s Local Philadelphia Union Hall, but the charges were later dropped. He went to prison in the '80s after being caught on a wire instructing one of his crew to break someone’s legs and was named in Rudy Giuliani’s Mafia Commission Trial as an unindicted coconspirator and one of only two non-Italian members of the Mafia Commission.

As an old man suffering from cancer that would soon kill him, Frank Sheeran shared his story with his attorney. He told him of the things that were already known, but he shared much, much more. This audiobook explores Frank Sheeran’s confessions as a lifelong criminal with ties to some of the biggest crimes of the 20th century.

Inside this audiobook, you will find:

A detailed account of Frank Sheeran’s time in the army during the Second World War, where he was in combat for an astounding 411 days, with a focus on the war crimes to which he has admitted
A look into Sheeran’s post-war slides into a life of crime, finding himself working for the Mafia before he even knew what the Mafia was
Information on his time as a hit man for the Mafia and how that led him to work for Jimmy Hoffa as muscle and hit man for the powerful Teamster boss
Frank Sheeran’s accounts of his connections to the Bay of Pigs Invasion and the assassination of JFK
His confession to the murders of Crazy Joe Gallo and of his friend Jimmy Hoffa

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Customer Reviews

Stunt3 ,

Narrator Phrasing is really rough

Good book, and while this narrator has a radio-quality voice, his phrasing of sentences throughout the read is extraordinarily bad. It’s like having a pitcher who can throw 100mph but can’t throw a strike. I’m not sure if you can teach phrasing either. It’s astonishing how good this guy’s voice is, and yet he can’t read a sentence in a normal, story-telling fashion.

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