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CIA operative Dewey Andreas is America's last line of defense when terrorists take over Manhattan, targeting the U.N. and the President himself in The Island, the latest in this New York Times bestselling series by Ben Coes.

America is about to face the deadliest terrorist attack on it's soil since 9/11. Iran has been planning a revenge attack for years, with three goals in mind. Bring America to its knees. Assassinate the popular U.S. President J. P. Dellenbaugh. And neutralize their most successful agent, Dewey Andreas.

The first pre-emptive attack against Dewey Andreas fails but it worries the head of the CIA enough that he sends Dewey out of town and off the grid. But as intelligence analysts work as fast as they can to unravel the chatter on terrorist networks, Muhammed el-Shakib, head of Iran's military and intelligence agency, launches a bold strike. When the President arrives in New York to address the U.N., embedded terrorist assets blow up the bridges and tunnels that connect Manhattan to the mainland. Taking control of the island with it's hidden forces, they race to the U.N. in search of Dellenbaugh and to launch an even deadlier attack that will wreak unimaginable destruction on the country itself.

While a shocked country struggles to mount a counter-attack, a hopeless, outmanned and outgunned Dewey Andreas sneaks onto the island of Manhattan to fight a seemingly impossible battle.

A Macmillan Audio production from St. Martin's Press

Mysteries & Thrillers
Ari Fliakos
hr min
August 17
Macmillan Audio

Customer Reviews

Vernon's Mt ,

Daisy? Directed-Energy Manpads? Weird….

Not the best…

I love Dewey, but the plot here is just too outlandish, interspersed with the bizarre.

For example, one of the terrorist fired a “directed energy” manpad? No…

Also, wouldn’t fighters be flying CAP over a Presidential engagement? Some F-22s or CAS aircraft with a targeting pod would’ve really helped mop up the terrorists charging the UN bldg.

And what was with the AED shock using uranium/plutonium to resuscitate the Pres?

Lastly, what happened to Daisy Calebrisi???(sp?). Weren’t her and Dewey pretty hot and heavy recently?

It was like this one was ghost-written or something.

alskdjfggriwowpdnfnc ,

Couldnt get thru it

Couldnt get thru it
Kept trying but chapters are so disjointed. I Like the dewey character but felt like in the first 50-60 chapters he was a minor character
So much unnecessary detail makes the listening so slow and doesnt allow the story to flow. Like the ideas in coes stories, just dont like his writing style

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