THE J**E:: Part 2: Awakenings Reckoning THE J**E:: Part 2: Awakenings Reckoning

THE J**E:: Part 2: Awakenings Reckoning

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    • $7.99

Publisher Description

The spectacular sequel to the award-winning "Gen. Ygl & the Genie."

Various awakenings manifest themselves as Gen. Ygl of the Lorel Elves and the Party of the J**e battle evil forces trying to undermine continental Zaendara's peace. Some awakenings are mental flashbacks (memorials) forcing the afflicted to question their threatened existence and themselves. And so, the Party is created in hopes to retrieve the elusive Jode that will stop Xurchon and Emperor Rondo's deranged plans and hopefully answer these reckonings, adding two unlikely members.

However, the most understated awakening is Ygl's sexual identity he privately struggles with after his wife's death. His struggle almost becomes a spiritual awakening as he attempts to control his jodepiece while battling Xurchon, the God of Evil.

Part of Rondo and Xurchon's plan is to retrieve Ygl's broadsword, Demonslayer (aka Welbern). And so, the successful Death Mist is sent to retrieve it and conquer more Zaendaran estates. Twists and turns surprise the struggling Jode Seekers as more truths and mysteries are revealed.

And, war looms... from the Giants’ scented plantations to the Ogres’ stony empire.

Will they rise above their revelations or drown in the deluge?

"The plotting is exciting and well crafted. The novel’s established world is comfortable alongside fantasy contemporaries and inspirations but stands on its own as an original concept." ~ The BookLife Prize.

"In terms of plot, this is top-notch. There's a lot going on here from the very first chapter. Is it much different from many fantasy books? In many ways, yes... There's a lot to get on top of here from the complexity of the characters to the complexity of the fantasy world the author has invented so meticulously." ~ The Wishing Shelf

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
Charles Hubbell
hr min
December 29