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This is the classic story of the young Theseus - Prince of Troizen, King of Eleusis and Athens, slayer of the Minotaur. Mary Renault's powerful novel captures the modern imagination by weaving myth, legend, history, and fiction into the story of a young hero's search for his destiny, or
moira. With divine guidance, Theseus faces countless challenges in his quest for his moira. From Theseus's early life as a prince, to his leadership of a captive team of bulldancers in Crete, not to mention his thrilling encounters with Poseidon,
The King Must Die captures the full force of adventure, battle, and an epic quest.

Michael York
hr min
December 16
Phoenix Books

Customer Reviews

TheWantedAZ ,


its ok i gues... at least i dont have to spends weeks trying to get thru it...

Expectedsomuchmore ,

The King Must Die

I was so sorely disappointed by this "audiobook" that I will be looking for a way to get my money back!

The book has been hacked down to 4 "chapters" that give only a skeletal outline of the 375 page original text. Transitions between the included parts leave the listener wondering how the main character got from one place to another and what has happened to characters that were being developed in detail before vanishing without a trace. The ending comes out of nowhere and leaves a feeling of deep disappointment in the listener. What a shame that a writer of Renault's abilities has been brought down to this. Interestingly, the reading is of very high quality and the production recording is well done, which suggests to me that this has been "edited" down to far less than was originally captured.

I'll never again buy an audiobook that doesn't say "unabridged". This only whetted my appetite to hear the whole story, but I don't see an unabridged version offered via internet.

T-bag Ballsack ,

do not buy this

yeah i just wasted my money on this...it really does not line up with the original story....if you need to take a test on this book, this is definitely not the way to go... This audio book left out so many crucial details, and lies to you....i want to kick you in your balls Michael York.

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