The King Who Came to Earth: A Biography (Unabridged) The King Who Came to Earth: A Biography (Unabridged)

The King Who Came to Earth: A Biography (Unabridged‪)‬

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    • $16.99

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You may have wondered what it would be like to have known the truly great masters; to have witnessed first-hand their intense will, determination, and desire to uplift humanity. To have looked into their eyes and been inspired by their deep, selfless compassion and love for all. 

The King Who Came To Earth gives a glimpse into such an enlightened master, who came among us in order to lay new foundations for this Age. Here, you will be introduced by two of his closest disciples to the multi-faceted persona of Dr. George King as a teacher, an inventor, a spiritual warrior, a genius, and a pioneer centuries ahead of his time. You will discover that as a boy he healed his mother from a very serious illness; as a young man he developed advanced psychic powers; through intense yoga practice he gained the exalted state of cosmic consciousness; as a medium he received messages of profound wisdom from this Earth and beyond; he worked closely with interplanetary masters and invented global missions to save our world. 

Let this book take you on a journey through his extraordinary adventures, from the depths of Earth's darkest realms to the sublime heights of spirituality on this and other planets.

Richard Lawrence is an international bestselling author who has frequently appeared on TV and radio and featured in numerous magazines and newspapers. He is Executive Secretary of The Aetherius Society in Europe. Brian Keneipp is author of the metaphysical book, Operation Earth Light, and has appeared many times in the media. He is Executive Secretary of The Aetherius Society in America. Both have spoken at major events in several countries, and they co-edit the journal, Cosmic Voice. The sound engineer for this audiobook was Julio Monterrey.

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Richard Lawrence, Brian Keneipp
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May 28
The Aetherius Society