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Following the tremendous success of her first novel, Innocent Traitor, acclaimed historian and New York Times bestselling author Alison Weir turns her masterly storytelling skills to the early life of young Elizabeth Tudor, who would grow up to become England’s most intriguing and powerful queen.

Before she is three, Elizabeth learns of the tragic fate that has befallen her mother, the enigmatic and seductive Anne Boleyn, and that she herself has been declared illegitimate, an injustice that will haunt her all her life. What comes next is a succession of stepmothers, bringing with them glimpses of love, fleeting security, tempestuous conflict, and tragedy. The death of her father puts the teenage Elizabeth in greater peril, leaving her at the mercy of ambitious and unscrupulous men. Like her mother two decades earlier, she is imprisoned in the Tower of London–and fears she will also meet her mother’s grisly end. Power-driven politics, private scandal and public gossip, a disputed succession, and the grievous example of her sister, “Bloody” Queen Mary, all cement Elizabeth’s resolve in matters of statecraft and love, and set the stage for her transformation into the iconic Virgin Queen.

Sweeping in scope, The Lady Elizabeth is a fascinating portrayal of a woman far ahead of her time–whose dangerous and dramatic path to the throne shapes her future greatness.

Rosalyn Landor
hr min
April 29
Random House Audio

Customer Reviews

Wolves1014 ,

Lady Elizabeth

I relly enjoyed every minute of this book. I love history. Alison Weir draws on her experenice of writing about the Tudors. Mary and Elzabeth have a complex relationship.

biglips141821 ,

Loved every minute

I truly enjoyed every minute of this book. So entertaining and a great version of history. LOVED IT!

Team Enrique Iglesias ,

So good.

I read this book and it was so good I got to do a report on it for school. Totally absorbing. This book is good for anyone who enjoys history about Henry VIII, Elizabeth I, Mary I, and Edward VI. I hope Mrs.Weir writes some other very absorbing books. FYI if you liked this book buy and read The Six Wives of Henry VIII. It is a complete bio on all six wives. I'm reading it and I love it.

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