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The Alliance has been fighting the Syndics for a century, and losing badly. Now its fleet is crippled and stranded in enemy territory. Their only hope is a man who has emerged from a century-long hibernation to find he has been heroically idealized beyond belief.

Captain John "Black Jack" Geary's legendary exploits are known to every schoolchild. Revered for his heroic "last stand" in the early days of the war, he was presumed dead. But a century later, Geary miraculously returns from survival hibernation and reluctantly takes command of the Alliance fleet as it faces annihilation by the Syndics.

Appalled by the hero-worship around him, Geary is nevertheless a man who will do his duty. And he knows that bringing the stolen Syndic hypernet key safely home is the Alliance's one chance to win the war. But to do that, Geary will have to live up to the impossibly heroic "Black Jack" legend.

BONUS AUDIO: Author Jack Campbell explains how the legend of King Arthur, the Greek historian Xenophon, and other writings influenced the Lost Fleet series.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
Christian Rummel, Jack Campbell
hr min
January 11
Audible Studios

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A different and more realistic approach to Sci-Fi

When I read the description for this book, I was interested. I have now read every book in the series except the final one as it has not been released yet. Jack Campbell takes a more realistic approach to space battles. For example, sensors can’t detect enemy ships across a star system in real time; instead they are limited by the speed of light.

If you’re a fan of Star Trek or Star Wars, this will be quite different then what you are used to. Although the battles are quite technical when it comes to maneuvering and attacking, the author pulls it off spectacularly. The battles are totally believable. The book and the characters feel so real; you can forget that you’re listening to a book.

The relentless action mixed with political intrigue make for an absolutely riveting book. I recommend this as highly as possible.

buggbear5 ,

a must read

its a fun book with cool battles and use of tactics and ausome chariters

Transmaster ,

A Good Read but....

I have listened the entire series. The audio edition is excellent, top notch narration from Audiable as I have come to expect. The story arc is nothing new, a space fleet fighting it's way through enemy territory. John G. Hemry writing as Jack Campbell brings the point of view of a Naval Officer who's training in surface warfare makes the narrative unique. The only problem I have is in the depth of the story it comes up short when compared with another Military SciFi series Honor Harrington by David Weber, which is available here. I would look upon The Lost fleet Series as fast food, where as Honor Harrington is a Thanksgiving dinner. The Lost fleet series is a good "read" and the Audiable edition makes it something like a radio show. Don't expect to develope the same relationship with the people in the Lost Fleet as you do with the characters in the Honor Harrington series, when somebody dies in the Honor Harrington universe it is somewhat of a emotional jerk, don't expect this with the Lost Fleet series.

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