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Narnia . . . a land frozen in eternal winter . . . a country waiting to be set free

Witness the creation of a magical land in The Magician's Nephew, the first title in C. S. Lewis's classic fantasy series, which has captivated readers of all ages for over sixty years.

On a daring quest to save a life, two friends are hurled into another world, where an evil sorceress seeks to enslave them. But then the lion Aslan's song weaves itself into the fabric of a new land, a land that will be known as Narnia. And in Narnia, all things are possible.

This is a stand-alone novel, but if you want to journey back to Narnia, read The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, the second book in The Chronicles of Narnia.

Kids & Young Adults
Kenneth Branagh
hr min
May 24

Customer Reviews

Jake_Phillips ,

Branagh is brilliant

Mr Branagh doesn't need dramatic music or sound effects to completely sweep you off to Narnia. This is storytelling at it's finest. His creativity in bringing the characters to life with a wide range of voices make it easy to forget that you're actually listening to him read. Excellent!

LiteraryCritic ,

Excellent Narrator, Excellent Book.

The Magician's Nephew is the prequel to the beloved childrens' classic, The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe. It is in these pages that we learn how Narnia was formed, how the White Witch came to terrorize Narnia, and how that magical wardrobe that takes Peter, Edmund, Susan, and Lucy to Narnia hunderds of years later, came to be in existence.

In this retelling of the story, actor Kenneth Branagh does a superb effort in bringing the many characters in this tale to life. Perhaps the best example of this is in one chapter where Aslan, the great god-like lion, bestows the gift of speech unto Narnia's many animals and Mr. Branagh sounds completely different as he voices the many animals, including; a beaver, a boar, a bulldog, and a horse.

As an advid fan of all types of audio books, this is one of the best single narrator narrations I have ever listened to and would highly recommend this particular recording to anyone who enjoys C.S. Lewis and his terrific fantasy books.

anonymou ,

The Magician's Nephew.

Good read if you enjoyed the lion,witch,and the wardrobe. I got it for my younger brother for his birthday and he said it was wonderful!

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