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The Assassination of JFK, 9/11, The Da Vinci Code, The Death of Diana, Men in Black, Pearl Harbor, The Illuminati, Protocols of Zion, Hess, The Bilderberg Group, New World Order, Elvis Fluoridization, Martin Luther King's murder, Opus Dei, The Gemstone Files, John Paul I, Dead Sea Scrolls, Lockerbie bombing, Black helicopters...In other words everything 'they' never wanted you to know and were afraid you might ask!

Jon E. Lewis explores the 100 most terrifying cover-ups of all time, from the invention of Jesus' divinity (pace The Da Vinci Code) to Bush's and Blair's real agenda in invading Iraq. Entertainingly written and closely documented, the book provides each cover-up with a plausibility rating.

Uncover why the Titanic sank, ponder the sinister Vatican/Mafia network that plotted the assassination of liberal John Paul, find out why NASA 'lost' its files on Mars, read why no-one enters Area 51, and consider why medical supplies were already on site at Edgware Road before the 7/7 bombs detonated.

Just because you are paranoid, it doesn't mean that they aren't out to conspire against you.

Peter Marinker
hr min
April 25
Constable and Robinson Ltd

Customer Reviews

Traveling handyman ,

Not Good. Confusing.

The only good part of this book is the narrator. The book is confusing and jumps around from topic to topic. And has these weird "alert level #" after each topic. It doesn't make any sense. First they tell you the conspiracy theory then they tell you a bunch of reasons why the theory is BS. Then they have that stupid alert audio thing. This book is garbage and actually seems like planted literature.

Ollyoath ,


Terrible. If you want an objective point of view book. That actually does it’s research into these events, look elsewhere. I tried giving this a fair shot. But as someone who has read multiple novels on UFO’s and government organizations the author just states the conspiracy then immediately goes to debunking it with what one would say is the “government” explanation to a point where it favors the explanation. It’s basically a book for brief descriptions of the conspiracy belief, omitting clear evidence of facts that favor the said conspiracy and replaces that by going into almost ridiculing the conspiracy. Don’t waste your time if you want an actual in depth study on any of these conspiracy’s.

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