The Masters CIA Thriller Series, Books 1-3: Box Set (Unabridged) The Masters CIA Thriller Series, Books 1-3: Box Set (Unabridged)

The Masters CIA Thriller Series, Books 1-3: Box Set (Unabridged‪)‬

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    • $19.99

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Three full-length thrillers. Over a quarter million words to keep you up nights!

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Beth is missing. Only Clint knows she’s in danger.

The blatant lies concerning her whereabouts leave him unsettled and alarmed.

A tech exec dropout, Clint Masters is in love with Beth, who requires routine blood dialysis to survive. As each hour passes without filtering, her blood turns more toxic, while Clint’s more cold with terror.

Meanwhile at Langley, someone hacked the CIA computers. Now certain field agents no longer respond to command. Langley must determine whether the agents are in danger, or worse—they’ve gone rogue.

When CIA officers investigate, they intercept Clint in his search for Beth. Time is running out for her survival, but he refuses to let Beth die without a fight.

An intense thriller, Clint struggles against an unknown enemy until the shocking conclusion.

". . . she has an artistry that is hard to deny.”—Seattle Intelligencer


Someone evil wants Clint to suffer.

A deadly enemy will destroy a city to exact revenge.

With Clint Masters as the only suspect in the spreading destruction, the people of his beloved Boston now call him a terrorist. To clear his name, he must discover who’s really behind the tragedies. His love, Beth, knows he’s working with the CIA, but the agency won’t admit its guilt in the disasters, leaving Clint alone to hang for the crimes.

Clint’s the only one who can access the technology that’s causing the devastation. To rescue his city, he must become a fugitive. To restore order, Clint and Beth must uncover the truth. But when Beth confronts the real killer, she’s caught in a deadly trap.

Race to the explosive conclusion of this smart thriller because nothing is as it seems.


Hackers can steal your money, control your car, or access your private files. What if one had a grip on your beating heart?

Whatever. Clint Masters has his own problems.

A city lies in ruins because Clint couldn't stop a psychopath. With his company in chaos, only a bottle of scotch tempers his misery.

While his fiancé Beth wearies of his spiraling self-destruction, Clint seems unconcerned that his despondence will cost others their lives.

A personal plea from the President of the United States doesn’t shake Clint’s apathy—not even Beth’s ultimatum. But the Washington elite won’t let Clint rest until they get action. Clint must rise above his mounting despair and help the CIA catch a cyber killer. It’s down to him, or the nation will mourn.

Another riveting thriller to race through as Clint battles both his demons and a killer.

All my stories intersect, so your favorite characters in one novel may reappear in a completely different series—Doug Bryant and FBI agent Claudia Seagal chase an assassin in OCEAN OF FEAR. Clint Masters makes a rare offer to Baxter Cruise in SPIDER GAMES. Vonda Creevy trusts Kurt Meyers with her misfortune in DARK POOL.

Mine is a single story world, where storylines and people cross into other lives. If you enjoy my work, please tell your friends and leave a review. Your good opinion matters to me and encourages other readers to try my novels. I’d consider it a favor.

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