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High above the planet Harmony, the Oversoul watches. Its task, programmed so many millennia ago, is to guard the human settlement on this planet, to protect this fragile remnant of Earth from all threats. To protect them, most of all, from themselves.

The Oversoul has done its job well. There is no war on Harmony. There are no weapons of mass destruction. There is no technology that could lead to weapons of war. By control of the data banks, and subtle interference in the very thoughts of the people, the artificial intelligence has fulfilled its mission.

But now there is a problem. In orbit, the Oversoul realizes that it has lost access to some of its memory banks, and some of its power systems are failing. And on the planet, men are beginning to think about power, wealth, and conquest.

Directed by Emily Janice Card.

A Blackstone Audio production.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
Stefan Rudnicki
hr min
April 1
Blackstone Audio

Customer Reviews

ArizonaDan ,

Bring on Part 2

A Great Read! True to Card's style, Memory of Earth has a protagonist that you instantly connect with and can't wait to find out his story. I only wish the iTunes Store had the Audiobook of Part 2. (hint hint)

Hellcat9000 ,


Truly great book, i orginally read this then got it online from my library, i wish i had the money for this, but for all of you buy this book, it is just like Orson Scott's sytle and will keep you on edge as you through the series i personally i haven't gotten around to finish the last book but i got alot of school work and such ,but anyway this isn't about me. GET THIS BOOK!!!!

docray1961 ,

Mormon Propaganda

This is not science fiction. I knew something was off with this novel from the outset . The names of the characters , the story , etc . It prompted me to do a bit of research , and low and behold , the book is a fictionalization of the first few hundred years , as written in the Book of Mormon . It seems Mr. Card , is not just a Mormon apologist and proselytizer , but a descendant of Brigham Young . I carry no ill will toward Mormons , but if I wished to be preached to , I would join a church . I don't appreciate being proselytized to in so underhanded a fashion . I asked for , and received a refund , from iTunes , and urged them to reclassify this novel as religious propaganda . It is certainly not science fiction .

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