The Mountain is You: Transforming Self-Sabotage Into Self-Mastery

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Coexisting but conflicting needs create self-sabotaging behaviors. This is why we resist efforts to change, often until they feel completely futile. But by extracting crucial insight from our most damaging habits, building emotional intelligence by better understanding our brains and bodies, releasing past experiences at a cellular level, and learning to act as our highest potential future selves, we can step out of our own way and into our potential. For centuries, the mountain has been used as a metaphor for the big challenges we face, especially ones that seem impossible to overcome. To scale our mountains, we actually have to do the deep internal work of excavating trauma, building resiliance, and adjusting how we show up for the climb. In the end, it is not the mountain we master, but ourselves.

Stacey Glemboski
hr min
June 1
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Customer Reviews

BRA313 ,

Honest opinion

I’m dealing with self sabotage and have been for years now and this book really pin points some aspects of my life where I struggle the most in…. The first chapter really didn’t hit for me but the rest really hit home

nraeha ,

I’m a change behavior master coach

I REALLY wanted to like this book for a few reasons.

1.) The self help industry is a multi billion dollar industry that is massively underserved by female writers.

7 of the 10 best selling self help books are written by men. And one of the books written by a woman is the mystic rubbish.

It’s sad, because there are better books written by woman available.

2.) The mountain is such a poor and over used metaphor for change, it was nice to see the context changed.

3.) It has good ratings and the content sounded good.

The reality though?

It’s drops of quality advice. She does have few good insights. A small portion of what she says is actually valid.

But, then she drifts off into a massive mountain of self help cliches. It sounds good, but none of it offers actual help.

This book reads like it was written by someone who has read a lot of self help books and is just regurgitating to the material.

If you really pay attention, she talks in circles. She just changes the words with every repetition.

This book reads like a blogpost that needed to get fleshed out to book length.

And she talks in circles. She keeps saying the same thing only explaining differently every time.

zheniyah ,

Love it

I absolutely love this book.

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