The Narrative Poetry: Listen to the master at work The Narrative Poetry: Listen to the master at work

The Narrative Poetry: Listen to the master at work

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Despite William Shakespeare being regarded as the most significant figure in the Western literary canon, relatively little is known about his early life and his later ‘lost years’. Even the exact date of his birth is uncertain. 23rd April generally accepted to be the date of his birth, could be a scholarly mistake amplified by the coincidence of it also being the date of his death.
What is known for certain is that Shakespeare was born to middle class, but probably illiterate parents, John and Mary, in Stratford-upon-Avon in 1565 and baptised there on the 26th April. He was the third of eight children and the first and eldest surviving son of the remaining five.

It’s assumed he attended, King’s New School the nearby grammar school, but no records from the time still exist. However, information on the standardised curriculum that did exist, introduced the young Shakespeare to the disciplines of mathematics, Greek, law, classical history and Latin which greatly influenced his writing.

At 18, in some haste, he married Anne Hathaway, his senior by 8 years and pregnant with their first child Susanna who was to be followed by the twins, Hamnet and Judith. Little else is known until in 1590 Shakespeare probably comes to London as by 1592 he becomes relatively well known – first as an actor and then, of course, as a playwright despite some early criticism for having a writing style of his better educated contemporaries and not of his own lower status.

His iconic status now spans global literature and stems directly from the magnitude of his plays, both tragedies and comedies, and his poetry which is often cited as some of the greatest love poetry ever written. His legacy endures despite the passing of centuries.

William Shakespeare died at Stratford-upon-Avon on the April 23rd, 1616. He was 52.

01 - The Narrative Poetry of William Shakespeare - An Introduction

02 - Venus and Adonis - Part 1 by William Shakespeare

03 - Venus and Adonis - Part 2 by William Shakespeare

04 - A Lovers Complaint by William Shakespeare

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